ABCO Healthcare Logistics



ABCO Specialized Healthcare Logistics, owned by Glen Ellyn Storage, has been in business serving the medical and dental field since 1974. This valuable experience provides us with the knowledge of handling intricate pieces of medical and dental equipment with the utmost care. ABCO has experience in transporting surgical equipment, MRI machines, dental chairs, Panoramic 3-D X-Rays, dental imagers, patient beds and chairs to hospitals, medical centers, and doctor’s offices. We store new dental equipment for some of the leading dental equipment distributors in the industry, making multiple visits to dental offices daily to deliver their new equipment. We can also store or dispose of used dental equipment in the case of moving offices or renovating. 

From small private dentist office moves, to nationwide new equipment delivery distribution, ABCO’s customizable solutions provide flexibility for our customers to choose the services that best fit their Healthcare Logistic needs.  

 ABCO’s Specialized Healthcare Logistics services include the following: 

  • Relocation 
  • Long & Short Term Storage 
  • Removal and Disposal 
  • Receiving & Delivery 
  • Warehousing 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Automated Receiving Reports 
  • Daily Delivery tickets for easy tracking 
  • On-Site Delivery 

ABCO Specialized Healthcare Logistics operates in conjunction with Glen Ellyn Storage Corporation